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To clean your gutter, you must need best gutter cleaning tool. Gutter is a shallow trough fixed beneath the edge of a roof for carrying off rainwater. You need to clean your gutter to allow easy flow of water and enhance the protection of our walls and landscape. However, if we do not clean our gutters leaving it clogged up with sticks and leaves, this might cause leakage. 

Nevertheless, it can also cause the gutter to fall due to a large accumulation of leaves, sticks, and debris. There are several ways which we can use to clean our gutters but the best is to use the most efficient tools available in the market. Therefore, I am going to discuss out the best gutter cleaning tools amongst all available in the market.

List of Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

With the use of the tools I have reviewed, maintaining your gutter becomes a very simple process. Compare the reviews of the following gutter cleaning tools available on the market currently and you will find it very easy when buying a gutter cleaning tool.

Gutterwhiz GW 1 Tool

The Gutterwhiz GW 1 tool does a great job when it comes to cleaning your gutter.  You do not need to use a ladder so as to reach the roof and clean the gutter. After all, do you want to risk your life by climbing up ladders to clean a gutter? Absolutely the answer is a very big no.

You just need to operate the cleaning tool from the ground and removes all the dirt on the gutter.

 It is designed with jaws that close after grabbing all the dirt, beaves, and other substances on the gutter. Closing and opening the tool happens with the activation of a rope. All you need to do is to slide, tighten and then loosen the rope to remove all the substances on the gutter,

This tool makes gutter cleaning easier and in the most comfortable way. It includes a pole and a sliding rope which are being sold separately. It is also sold with free safety glasses which protects the user's eyes from the clogged materials.

Gutterwhiz GW 1 tool comes with a long lasting support ensuring you a long time enjoyment of its service. However, the tool is not yet available in some countries like Kenya. Therefore any buyer from such countries is required to order for it on an online market.


  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Comes with free safety glasses
  • check
    Does a nice job cleaning gutters
  • check
    Allows a buyer to clean the gutter from a safety ground level
  • check
    It has a lifetime long time service from manufacturer


  • power-off
    Support pole sold separately
  • power-off
    The head may break.

Gardus Gs900 Gutter Sweep Rotary Cleaning System

This is similar to the gutterwhiz GW1 tool. You will not have trouble to climb a ladder to reach the gutters for cleaning. The most important improvement made on this system is the water jet nozzles that can remove even the toughest debris. 

It has a kit including the rotary paddle brush, gutter brush, gutter scoop, downspout cleaner, flow through the adapter, and digital camera mount.

The rotary paddle brush removes dry/loose leaves by spinning the cordless drill. It is usually used for regular maintenance. While the gutter brush drags and lifts the debris out of the gutter the gutter brush on the hand removes the toughest debris which includes of the wet leaves and crusty debris.

Another important feature of this gutter cleaner is the gutter scoop. The scoop features built-in water jet nozzle that can handle even the most stubborn debris.

It doesn't matter if your gutter has crusty build up or compost debris, this tool will provide a superb cleaning performance. The water jet works well in loosening the debris as well as a rinse once all the debris are removed.

The downspout cleaner is made up of a long flexible nylon helps to clear debris from the downspout. The flow thru threaded adapter allows a wide range cleaning.

The digital camera mount allows the user to inspect the cleaning process. The user can also take images and record videos while inspecting the cleaning process.

This can be done through the use of time delay function and video record function respectively.


  • check
    Comes with essential items to maintain your gutter
  • check
    Features a rotary power for faster cleaning
  • check
    Has a water jet nozzle for removing and rinsing of debris
  • check
    Has non-rotary tools like the gutter brush for toughest debris removal


  • power-off
    Comparatively Expensive
  • power-off
    You may find same quality product at low price

Ezy Flo Deluxe High Reach Gutter/Window/Patio Cleaning Kit

I have experienced clogged gutters in the past, and I know the trouble one goes through when cleaning a gutter especially if you do not have a gutter guard. When armed with the right gutter cleaning tools, you are sure that your gutter will always stay clean and well-maintained.

Have you tried the Ezy Flo Deluxe High Reach Gutter/Window/Patio Cleaning Kit? This is a cleaning kit that I would recommend to all homeowners. It helps you remove all the leaves and other unwanted substances on the gutter.

The cleaner comes with pole telescopes ranging from 6 feet to 15.1 feet. When you combine the pole height with your height, it becomes easy to reach up to 22 feet. It features a quality metal valve that is adjustable and helps you control the flow of water.

You also get the chance to clean outside the gutter because of the curved arm and the attachable radial brush. For the best cleaning performance, this cleaning toll features a high-pressure nozzle that ensures no leaves or debris are left in the gutter.


  • check
    Comes with a soft brush for cleaning windows and sidings
  • check
    Adjustable metal valve to control water flow
  • check
    The kit includes a stiff brush for cleaning patios and decks
  • check
    You can reach a height of up to 22 feet
  • check
    Designed with a high-pressure nozzle


  • power-off
    Tough to reach high gutters
  • power-off
    Brush nozzles break easily

Gutterbrush Leaf Gutter Guard For Standard 5 Inch Rain Gutters

GutterBrush is a cylinder-shaped "twisted in wire" brush, similar to a large, heavy-duty bottle-brush. It's a gutter guard system that lays inside your gutters, keeping them clean by preventing leaves, pine needles, and other debris from settling there and allowing water to flow freely.

 Some smaller debris will catch in the top of the GutterBrush and will either blow away or begin decomposing and wash through the rain gutter during natural weather cycles of rain, sun, wind, and snow.

 It's simple! There are no complicated gutter covers or screens to interfere with your roof or shingles. GutterBrush is quick and easy to install; simply fit the bristled brushes along a clean gutter channel. For best results, and clog-free gutters, fill your entire gutter channel end to end with GutterBrush.

GutterBrush is a safe and effective way to prevent clogged gutters. You save time and money on gutter cleaning, maintenance and expensive property damage associated with gutter problems.

You'll extend the life of your gutters and won't have to worry about regularly climbing a ladder or getting on the roof to clean your gutters. GutterBrush is affordable too. It costs thousands less than many competitive gutter guard systems.

Gutter brush is made in the USA of high-quality UV polypropylene bristles with a durable, galvanized steel wire core. It's climate resistant and actually helps prevent icicles and ice dams (the black bristles warm when exposed to the sun).


  • check
    It is made up of a high-quality UV polypropylene bristles with a durable, galvanized steel wire core.
  • check
    It is easy to install as the user has only to fit the brushes along your house rain gutters.
  • check
    It can be used in all seasons and climatic conditions.
  • check
    It saves time and money as I the house owner will no longer be needed to repair the gutters because of loaded debris and it is easy to maintain.


  • power-off
    It is too small

How To Choose The Best Gutter Cleaning Tool

I know cleaning our gutters is not an exciting job and none of us looks forward to doing it. Not knowing the kind of tools we need to help us in the cleaning process makes it worse.

Choosing the best gutter cleaning tool might give you a headache big time if you are not sure of what you are looking for and you have no idea how the cleaning tool works.

Here is a guideline to help you in the selection of the best gutter cleaning tool so that you are able to purchase a gutter cleaning tool that has everything that you need in a tool you will use in cleaning your gutter.

Ease Of Use

You cannot purchase a tool that you are not even sure how it works. Therefore it is very much advisable to choose a tool that will not give you a hard time when cleaning it.

You should look for a cleaning tool that you can operate by yourself without any help from an expert. This should always be your first priority before you fish out the money for purchasing the gutter cleaning tool.

Cleaning Method

You should also consider the cleaning method that you would prefer over the other methods and the method that you choose will dictate the kind of gutter cleaning tools that you need to get the job done.

Each gutter cleaning tool is designed for a specific method of cleaning. Therefore, you should know how each cleaning tool works in line with the method set in place to avoid getting confused whether you are using the right cleaning tool for the right method or not.

Best Gutter Guards for Pine Needles


Replacing tools after a short period of time just because they broke or they stopped functioning should not be part of your life. Ensure that you purchase a gutter cleaning tool that will last for as long as you want it to. 

For durability, you should ensure look into the material that is used in the making of the tool. When the cleaning tool is durable, you will be able to save money you could have spent repairing or purchasing a new cleaning tool.

Quality Of The Cleaning Tool

We always go for the quality of a product because the top quality is all we want for a product that we want to invest our money on. When looking for the best gutter cleaning tool, ensure that you always consider quality.

because quality tells you everything that you need to know about the cleaning tool. For the best quality, get a cleaning tool that is constructed with metal rather than the one made of plastic.

Final Words

Maintaining and cleaning your gutter is essential if you want to prevent dirt build up. Effective cleaning requires the right tool that is designed to handle the job. This is why I have given you top five gutter cleaners that you should consider buying.

When you don't have the right cleaning tools for your gutter cleaning it might become a challenge for you to execute the task of cleaning of the gutter.

However, getting to purchase the right tools that match the method of cleaning you use will make your work much easier. The above gutter cleaning tools are very worth the purchase because they get the job well done and last pretty long.

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