Best Gutter Guards For Metal Roofs

When you hear of the phrase gutter guard, what comes to your mind first? Oh no, it's not something that protects your gutter from falling off your roof. 

A gutter guard has a simple task, to prevent your gutter from clogging with leaves and debris. In short, a gutter guard relieves you from the task of cleaning your gutter and preventing household hazards.

I took the liberty of researching and compiling some of the best gutter guards for metal roofs just to help you come to a final decision easily. I know most people think gutter guards are not worth investing in, or the time to think about them and even the thought of installing them.

So, I will just let it down on you as follows and let's see what will be your thought about purchasing the best gutter guard at the end of this enticing text.

Top Gutter Guards For Metal Roofs

If you went out to search for gutter guards without seeking expert advice, I know you got confused because the number and variety of gutter guards is wide. My research was based on the type, weather changes, and best-selling brands. I have, therefore, sampled a short but incredible list of the best gutter guards. I can assure you they are reliable, strong and easy to handle.

Taking the first position in the best gutter guards list is the Amerimax Home Gutter Guard for metal roof. Guess why it's number one. I am impressed by your choice and yes, it is because it combines a wide range of beautiful features. First of all, it has three main components for you.

  • A front coated metal strip drip edge
  • A stainless steel 30-inch mesh screen
  • An aluminum underneath the screen

The Amerimax Home Gutter Guard for metal roof is at its pick to ensure it eliminates 100% of gutter clogging's keeping your gutter clean forever! 

Besides being easy to install and handle, it is quite unique. It can be installed on many types of gutters, just to name a few, they include; Ogee, half round, fascia, curved and box. 

Similarly, Amerimax Gutter Guard can be used on quite a number of roof types including; asphalt shingle, wood shake, flat tile, Spanish tile and stone coated steel. When it comes to installation, you simply slip it under the roof shingles and it will rest on top of your roof-deck. 

This way, you will be clapping the gutter guard in place for it to be super stable and blend with your roof. You will also attach the metal front section to the front top of the gutter using three self-tapping screws made for each four-foot section that comes with the gutter guard in the package.


  • It will save you from cleaning your gutter often
  • It can fit on existing rain gutters
  • It totally blends with the roof-line
  • FlexxPoint is compatible with almost any type of gutter and roof type
  • It also keeps out pests and wasps.


  • The gutter guard is Comparatively expensive
  • Shipping is limited to the USA

The A-M aluminum 5'' Gutter Guard is another top quality gutter guard designed for homeowners with metal roofs. Just when the market was flooded with rain gutter guards, someone had to liberate us from the avalanche effects. It is basically designed to hold back snow and ice to protect your gutter from clogging.

The A-M aluminum 5'' Gutter Guard is constructed from poly-carbonate plastics that have UV stabilizers to allow you use them for a long time because the UV stabilizers protect them from fast fading when the sun shines.

For strong installation, each snow pro features holes that are molded at the bottom to enhance the adhesive bond of the gutter guard to the roof. Once the installation is done during perfect temperatures, you will just need to clean them and allow them to do their magic.

You will only achieve optimal retention when you use adhesive and sheer screws to stick and screw the blocks on the roof. After that, Christmas will be fun because there will be no ice or avalanche threats to worry about.


  • The snow guard is Stylish design
  • Has UV stabilizers.
  • Protects your roof from aggressive avalanches
  • It's easy and quick to install
  • It is crafted from top-notch Poly carbonate


  • They are specifically made for Metal hangars.

If you are looking for a professionally designed gutter guard which is good looking and indispensable, then the A-M Aluminium Gutter Guard is the one for you. One thing is for sure, this gutter guard has a lot to offer. It crafted from high-quality aluminum. 

A-M Aluminium Gutter Guard features a heavy gauge 100% aluminum body that will not at any point in time contract some rust. Technically, it has been designed for your out of sight hangars yet it can work with any type of hangar, for instance the K-style ones. There is a continuous coating on the metal will provide your roof with undivided isolation and preventing your rain gutter from corroding.

When it comes to installation, it is quite easy to install but there is a problem, the A-M Aluminium Gutter Guard does not install under shingles and you will need to buy ¼ inch zip screws separately.


  • It's installation process is super easy & quick
  • Totally blends with the Roof line
  • The gutter guard less corrosive
  • This gutter guards is designed to withstand heavy downpours
  • A-M Aluminium Gutter Guard totally eliminates clogging.


  • A-M Aluminium Gutter Guard cannot handle heavy downpours
  • It is slim and lightweight making it less durable.

FlexxPoint 30 Year Gutter Cover System- White Commercial 6" Gutter Guards

The FlexxPoint is a quite reputable firm that has been transforming people's homes into much better environments, especially during the rainy and snowy seasons. Coming in either white or matte aluminum, the FlexxPoint Gutter guard is an easy and very affordable way to protect your gutter from clogging with debris and leaves but hasten high volume water flow. You will be amazed by how this gutter guard is super effective even when covered with wet leaves. 

Another great fact about the FlexxPoint Gutter guard is how it mounts permanently and securely to the front lip of your gutter system. When you install it, it mounts directly into the fascia board. Do you know what makes this possible? The stainless steel fasteners you get in the package. Just install it once because you will never need to move it again. Not unless you are bulldozing your place. It can last for an impressively long time, you may even forget about gutter issues, they will be like news to you.

Finding a tough aluminum-made gutter like the FlexxPoint Gutter guard is like getting a four-leaf clover. The gutter guard system is actually made from premium grade aluminum. This type of aluminum is unbearably great. Once laid, no natural elements can shake it from its position. Your roof line will be safe and secure in the best way.


  • Mounting the FlexxPoint is effortless process & permanent as well
  • It allows water to flow faster and better
  • It comes with stainless steel fasteners
  • It is easy to handle and install
  • FlexxPoint Gutter guard is highly effective


  • It is so light, strong winds can blow the screens away.
  • Shipment is allowed on the United States only.

STEELCO 6-Mesh Galvanized Gutter Guard

The STEELCO 6-Mesh Galvanized Gutter Guard has been in existence for decades now. Over the years, it has undergone major refinements. The latest one is much better and extremely refined. STEELCO 6-Mesh Galvanized Gutter Guard is the best way to protect your gutter. It has low-key colors that simply blend with your roof. Besides, it's rigid enough to resist from sagging as much as it is heavy.

STEELCO made sure that you also have an easy time installing the galvanized gutter guard. It has a 36-inch section of the gutter screen which is separately equipped with two galvalume anchor clips that you can use in many ways to secure the screen. The gutter protector from leading manufacturers is crafted in a standard size so that it can fit on any roof line. It doesn't matter if your home is the countryside or the city.

STEELCO 6-Mesh Galvanized Gutter Guard comes with a strong steel edge wire mesh that makes more rigid than any other mesh. For that reason, it will provide you with smooth edges for you to easily handle while installing. Besides, the gutter screens are flat and you will like how neatly they lay under the shingles giving you a nice and clean extension from the roof line to gutter's outer lip.


  • STEELCO has an exceptionally effective mesh
  • It is easy and safe to install
  • It blends naturally with the roof line
  • It can fit any gutter in the country.
  • STEELCO is tough and durable as it's made from high-quality galvanized steel.


  • STEELCO products are quite expensive.
  • you only can get inside the uS.

How To Choose The Best Gutter Guards For Metal Roofs

I know the tips I have given you in this article so far are very lucrative but please don't rush to the store to pick gutter guards without the following important points to consider.

Best Gutter Guards for Leaves


Consider the material used in making the gutter guard because it will affect its service life. Ask yourself these questions;

  • Will it be able to resist corrosion?
  • Will it be able to handle heavy rains?
  • Is it easy to move around and install?
  • A good gutter guard that is strong enough is crafted from stainless steel. They are smooth and align neatly for better performance when the rains come.


    The design of the gutter guard also affects how it will work. A good design allows debris to fall of preventing them to clog on gutters. Similarly, it should allow water to flow smoothly into the downspout. Consider a gutter guard that will release you from the worry of maintenance.


    The efficiency of the gutter guard will also depend on how you plan to install it or who will install it for you. A gutter guard should be installed properly or according to the user manual. The best gutter guards are easy to install and require very little time and effort to do so. Consider purchasing a gutter guard that has a permanent way of installing. In that, even the roughest winds will not be able to blow it away from your roof line.

    Other Considerations

    • If the gutter guard can be added to your available gutter.
    • Consider if it can prevent birds and rodents from building nests up your gutter.
    • The best gutter guard should eliminate the need to be cleaned every now and then.
    • The gutter guard should be able to handle heavy downpours or prevent water from stagnating. Otherwise, the gutter guard you get should be able to allow smooth flow of rainwater.
    • Your gutter guard should be made from high-quality materials that are tough enough to last longer and the ones that will not rust prematurely.
    • If you get a gutter guard that will enable you to harvest more rainwater because it has the capacity to improve the flow of water and filtration then that will be a bonus.
    • During winter, you can arm yourself with a gutter guard that heats up to melt the ice so as to get rid of ice dams and snow from your roof.

    Final Words

    If you have a metal roof and would love to install a gutter guard, any of the top products I have reviewed will be ideal. It is because the best gutter guards for metal roofs are constructed by exceptionally popular brands and come with great value.

    They are of high quality and perform magnificently. You've seen that each one of them can fit someone's budget and there is no way you will be going home without a gutter guard for the next rainy or snow season. Make comparisons and at the end of it, you will find it a simple process to buy a quality gutter guard that meets your requirements.

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