Best Gutter Leaf Guards – Guide & Reviews

Do you love trees? Do you have a few growing around your house?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, you're probably looking for a solution to the leaf problem that has been clogging your gutters.

At first, it may make a lot of sense to hire the services of a professional cleaner to unclog your gutters. If you, however, need a more permanent solution, you're in the right place.

Have you heard of gutter leaf guards? They're the most efficient equipment to keep away those leaves and debris. You may need to do some cleaning of course but it won't be as tedious.

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List Of Best Gutter Leaf Guards 2017

There are so many leaf guards out there. That's why we came up with five of the best gutter leaf guards available in the market. We've also included a buying guide for you.

6 Sets of Mesh Gutter Leaf Guards

Clogged gutters can put a dampener on your day. The water from the rain mixed in with the dry leaves results in this awful smell. Disgusting right?

If you're looking to make a change, this 6 Sets of Mesh Gutter Leaf Guards is what you need. You need to protect your gutter by allowing rainwater to freely flow.

Love efficiency? I know I do. Not only do they keep leaves from your gutter but also keep debris out. This allows for easy flowing of rainwater and melted snow.

If you're not a big fan of installing equipment, I know I'm not, don't worry. Installing these leaf guards is as easy as ABC. You don't need to screw or drill them in on the gutter.

For you to be able to enjoy the fruits of these leaf guards, they're made from durable material.

This also helps in improving the aesthetics of your house. They also stay flat and don't sag throughout their lifespan.

 The package comes complete with, white 30pieces of mesh gutter leaf guards.


  • check
    Keeps leaves and debris out
  • check
    Easy installation without screwing or drilling
  • check
    Made from durable material that doesn't sag
  • check
    Comes with 30 pieces of mesh gutter leaf guards
  • check
    Very efficient and convenient


  • power-off
    Rainwater partially drains through the guards on steep pitch roofs
  • power-off
    Comparatively heavy weight

E-Z-GUTTER GUARD EZ-Quick-10 Aluminum Mesh Gutter Guards

Sometimes life gets in the way of everything right? You end up forgetting about things like your gutters until they start clogging.

Well, there's a simple solution to this problem. The EZ-Quick-10 Aluminum Mesh Gutter Guards. With these leaf guards, your gutters will look new and they will serve you efficiently.

There are leaf guards that have to be manipulated to fit in unique gutters. These EZ-Quick-10 gutter guards are designed for 5' residential gutters.

The most interesting thing about these guards is that each section is notched for ¾ inch in overlap. So it will cover those extended gutters you may have.

The guards are made from expanded heavy duty Aluminum. Aluminum is known for being corrosion and rust resistant.

For durability, the guards have been tension-engineered to stay in place during those times the weather is rough.

For an easy time, the guards are super easy to install. They don't need screws. In addition to that, the guards snap out easily during maintenance.

The tight meshes of the guards keep debris and leaves out allowing for easy flowing water.

 An installed box can cover up to 40feet. You can, therefore, use them to cover your whole house. 


  • check
    They're designed to fit up to 5' residential gutters
  • check
    Made from heavy-duty Aluminum which makes it corrosion and rust resistant
  • check
    Easy to install and maintain
  • check
    The tight mesh keeps debris out
  • check
    Tension-engineered to be strong and durable


  • power-off
    They're flimsy. They have to be secured in the gutter
  • power-off
    Don't fit 6' wide gutters

E-Z-GUTTER GUARD EZ-Shield-10 Solid Aluminum Gutter Guards

Are you looking for a gutter leaf guard made with innovation in mind? One that will not only serve you well but also last a while?

Well, you're in the right place. This EZ-Shield-10 Aluminum gutter guard is the one to go for. Below are some of its features that will blow your mind.

These EZ-Shield-10 leaf guards are designed for 5' residential gutters. So if you have rather small gutters, this is the one for you.

Each section of the guard has a ¾ inch overlap perfect for securing.

With the heavy-duty black painted Aluminum, the guards won't rust or rot. The color blends with the exterior décor. It also melts ice and snow quickly

These guards are designed to stay in place to withstand even the roughest weather.

The feature I like about these guards are the reverse louvers. They allow all the rainwater and melted ice/snow through but keep debris out.

 In addition to all these amazing features, the guards are easy to install. You won't need to screw them in. They can also snap out quickly during maintenance.


  • check
    They're designed for 5' residential gutters
  • check
    Made from heavy-duty painted Aluminum
  • check
    They can withstand rough weather
  • check
    The reverse louvers keep debris out but allow water through
  • check
    Easy to install and maintain


  • power-off
    They don't fit standard gutters you have to modify
  • power-off
    During heavy rainfall, the water overflows above the gutter

FlexxPoint 30year Gutter Cover System-Matte Aluminum Residential 5' Gutter Guard

For those who have recently moved or waiting to move to your family home, it's exciting, right? But have you thought of leaf gutter guards?

These FlexxPoint 30year Gutter cover system would be perfect for you. Just as the name suggests, they're a more permanent solution meaning no maintenance. Convenient, right?

These are the most interesting leaf guards yet. Why? They're available in Matte, Aluminum and Thermal Thaw Black. You can choose either depend on your needs.

They're capable of blocking all types of debris allowing for high volume of water flow.

They're easy to install. They also come with Stainless Steel installation fasteners for better securing.

Worried about them interfering with your décor? Good news for you. They can't be seen from the ground.

The guards are made from premium domestic Aluminum. This makes them rust, rot-free and durable.

The box comes with easy to handle 4ft sections. This speeds up the installation process. The guards are permanently installed.


  • check
    They're available in a variety of colors for you to choose from
  • check
    Guards block all kinds of debris
  • check
    Comes inclusive of Stainless Steel fasteners for an even better securing
  • check
    Made from premium Aluminum that's durable, rust and rot-resistant
  • check
    They're in 4ft easy to handle sections


  • power-off
    You'll need a professional during installation
  • power-off
    They're permanently installed

Leaf Relief Gutter Guard

If you're looking for a quick but an effective solution to problems your gutter is currently facing or just looking to make an upgrade to better guards, look no further. The Leaf Relief Gutter Guards are what you need.

The guards are 100% weather and pest-resistant. This means that they're guaranteed to last you a lifetime. You don't have to worry about flimsiness because these guards will mount securely. They will also stay firmly in place

They're capable of resisting winds, ice, snow or ladder damage. The most convenient feature is that you don't have to struggle to lift heavy tools and shingles

For even more convenience, they mount directly on the gutter and easily snap on during installation. With the patented Aluma-Perf technology, leaves, needles, seeds and twigs will be kept out.


  • check
    The guards are weather and pest-resistant
  • check
    They mount securely and stay firmly in place
  • check
    Guards are resistant to winds, ice, snow or ladder damage
  • check
    The patented Aluma-Perf technology keeps twigs away
  • check
    The guards are mounted directly on the gutter


  • power-off
    They're expensive
  • power-off
    They don't fit on standard gutters

How To Choose The Best Gutter Leaf Guards

Before you buy anything, even gutter leaf guards, you need to think extensively. Below are a few things you have to think about before buying the best gutter leaf guards.

What Materials Are The Best For Leaf Guards?

I think this is the baseline when it comes to gutter leaf guards. It boils down to a lot of things that will negatively or positively affect the guards.

Some guards are made from plastic or soft materials. This is a no-brainer. They are very flimsy. And not only that, rough weather and pests can easily chew on them.

There are those made with Aluminum or Steel. They are stronger and sturdier compared to those made with plastic or soft materials. They're also capable of handling the roughest weather.

In relation to the material, there are ways in which they can keep off debris and leaves.

Some guards have a mesh design that keeps out debris. There are others that have reverse louvers that allow water to pass through keeping debris out.

So before you settle on any leaf guard, ensure you have extensively thought about the material it's made of.

Will They Last?

It's not cheap buying leaf guards yearly. It may enhance the exterior of your house but will be very expensive in the end. That's why you need one that will last for a very long time.

The durability of the guards is related to the materials. If you buy a guard that's made from plastic, it will definitely not withstand the test of time.

The guards bought from retail shops and those bought from protection systems are both very efficient. But you'll still have to replace them after a few years.

There are those guards that once installed, they will never be removed. Those are the only ones guaranteed to last a lifetime. They're also an inconvenience when you live in a house that's not yours.

What Is The Installation Process?

With this ever evolving world, you can do literally everything yourself. However, installing gutter leaf guards can be very tricky especially if you're a first-timer.

A majority of the gutter leaf guards are very easy to install. Some manufacturers even go ahead to include or recommend instructional videos or written manuals to allow you to do it yourself.

There are leaf guards that don't require screwing or drilling. All you need to do is put it together and you're good to go.

There are of course those that require professional installation. These leaf guards will have a more expensive overall cost since the professional has to be paid.

Professional installation will also save you the trouble of climbing ladders, drilling, screwing or securing.

If you, however, feel like you can do it yourself, go for it.

So How Much Money Should I Spend?

Issues to do with money are usually very vague. I wouldn't want to tell you how much to spend. So this will be a guideline.

Different gutter leaf guards cost differently depending on the materials used for construction, how durable they are, maintenance and other indirect factors like your exterior décor.

Leaf guards made from plastic or other soft materials are generally cheaper compared to those made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Steel.

Those that are guaranteed to last a lifetime are more expensive compared to those that will take you for a few months or a year.

There are leaf guards that come with accessories or additional features. Like those that are weather and pest resistant will cost more compared to those that just prevent clogging.

So if you're letting your pocket make the decision for you, you need to buy one that accommodates your budget. If you want to go all out, the better. You will get to enjoy your leaf guard for a very long time.

Final Verdict

So there you have it. An exclusive look into everything gutter leaf guards. If you're in the market looking for the best gutter leaf guards, I'd recommend any of the above

Some of them may cost a pretty penny. But hey, consider how long you'll get to enjoy them.

Before you buy any leaf guards, other than the factors to consider above, think about the manufacturer and the brand

There are those brands that are well-known that will guarantee quality. And if they don't offer warranties, consider buying yourself some. I hope you-you will find it easy to pick the best gutter leaf guards.

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