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Best Roof Heating Cables Reviews – Roof Ice Melting Systems – Gutter Heat Cable Reviews

The top of the house is always sensitive & most of the time, go through a rough condition. With a temperamental nature, the roof needs to overcome all the climate change, natural disasters, heavy rainfall and canicular days as well. To prevent unwanted gutter damage, people use various type of gutter protection system on the gutter. Best roof deicing cable impacts on roofing system positively by removing clogged ice & ice dams from the rooftop of a house.

Installing a gutter guard can keep the gutter clean to pass the rainwater using the drainage system. But the problem happens in winter when snow stuck on the channel and create ice dams. It will impact negatively as the gutter is highly susceptible to damage. Therefore, it's important to ensure free gutter system to prevent clogged ice & ice dams.

After 27-hour research, I discovered few roof heating cables that might help you keep the gutter system free and ensure clean gutter effortlessly. Honestly, I did not use them personally, But I compared the features, production material and product performance based on customer reviews. With this long research, I listed top 5 best roof deicing cables, with what most of the users were happy!

You can use this roof snow melting system list to save the precious moments of doing long research. According to my study, I get “Easy Heat ADKS-100 20-Foot Roof Snow De-Icing Kit” comes with the most useful features that have hundreds of happy clients. Additionally, you get an option to pick correct length cable from 20-foot to 200-foot range.


Advantages of Using a Roof Deicing Cables

  • Cheaper than the cost of clogged ice & ice dams treatment
  • Increase the sustainability of your roofing system
  • Ensure proper ventilation & healthy environment
  • Multi-Purpose cables; Pipe, roof, floor heating
  • Suitable for both personal and commercial use
  • Keeps the gutter clean & lightweight
  • Works with all gutter types: metal, wood, vinyl & plastic
  • Proper cable length for short or long roof
  • Few modern heating cables come with moisture level identifier that has the automatic active feature
  • Heavily insulated with rubber to make it shockproof, moisture-proof & long-lasting

Drawbacks of Using a Roof Ice Melting Cables:

You will find a range of roof heating cables available, most of them comes with poor quality. It sucks to find out the quality ice melting cable from many available. You just need to spend half of a day to judge the quality; work or do not work!

Need to install before the ice dams’ forms, but its hard to assume all the exact places where ice dams will form! So, it’s hard to get max service from your ice melting cables. You might need to change the structure a few times to set up accurately.

Except few, most of them don't have any thermostat to make the process automatic. You need to on or off using manual method and few comes with remote control. Plugging and unplugging cycle after a certain period makes people distressed.

The cable makes large ice cubes of 3 to 4 feet long. You need to remove them manually to get max performance from it. You need shovels to perform cleaning. To reduce hassle, you might use snow melting mats. Snow melting mats are a combination of ROOF HEATING CABLE & MATS.

Increased electricity bill is another reason people feel repulsion to install deicing cables. But it will worth the money! As the cables are cheaper than the cost of clogged ice & ice dams treatment.

List of Top 5 Best Roof Heating Cables - Roof Ice Melting Tape & Cables

Best roof deicing cables over dozens of popular models from different brands are listed below:

1. Easy Heat ADKS-100 20-Foot Roof Snow De-Icing Kit:

In winter, the temperature often fluctuates that impacts on roofing system most of the time negatively. It produces ice blockage, ice dams & finally the gutter damage. Slow snow melting happens, as direct sunlight can't hit the inner area of the icy blockage. Easy Heat ADKS-100 20-Foot Roof Snow De-Icing Kit is versatile roof heating system that will help to get rid of the problem. This deicing cable is available in several lengths that assist you to select perfect length cable you need actually.

Easy Heat ADKS-100 20-Foot Roof Snow De-Icing Kit ensures continuous path that removes the melted water. Highly durable cables keep the gutter, downspout & roof edges ice-free. In other sense, it provides better vitalization system on the roofing system. This Roof Snow De-Icing Kit is durable and suitable with the max type of gutters. You will get installation accessories like mounting screws & clips along with the product.

Additionally, this product is secured with manufacturer warranty. This ensures long-lasting support from the manufacturer. You can collect this Snow/Ice Deicing Heating Cable from multiple sellers. Let’s review a few important features, advantages and drawbacks of this roof heating cable together.

Features of Easy Heat ADKS-100 20-Foot Roof Snow De-Icing Kit:

  • Product Dimensions 10 x 10 x 3 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • It draws nearly 5 watts per foot
  • Made of Highly Durable Production Material
  • Versatile design suitable for max roof type
  • 6-foot/2-meter power cord
  • Available from multiple sellers


  • Easy setup process
  • Installation accessories included
  • Spacer clips included with the kits
  • Available in several lengths
  • Covered with manufacturer warranty
  • Reduce ice formation in drains, gutters, and downspouts


  • You can’t setup it in the walkway
  • Season break can make it dysfunctional
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2. Frost King RC60 60 Feet, 120V, 5 Watts Per Foot, Electric Roof Cable:

In our list, Frost King RC60 - 60 Feet Electric Roof Cable is the 2nd pick pre-assembled roof heating cable that has some unique features and advantages. This heating cable comes with all necessary accessories like pipe insulation system and heating tap. You will get mounting screw and clips as well to install the deicing cable. Heating tap helps to prevent roof leaking and gutter damage. Additionally, you can pick a convenient length cable from several available. This is obviously a huge advantage and allows you to save some bucks on your purchase.

Choosing the wrong length of cable costs more of buying extra cable later, if you pick short cable. Even you take large wire, it will cost extra but won’t help you except increasing the electricity bill. Frost King RC60 60 Feet, 120V, 5 Watts Per Foot, Electric Roof Cable has several convenient lengths that will help you get the perfect cable effortlessly. You need to measure your roof carefully and pick the perfect one depending on your necessity. Frost King RC60 Electric Roof Cable is suitable for the maximum type of tents.

Features of Frost King RC60 Electric Roof Cable:

  • Product Dimensions 9 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Voltage Required 120 volts
  • Wattage Required 300 watts
  • Pipe Insulation & Heat Tape Included
  • Product Weight 1.4 pounds
  • Default Color: Black
  • Pre-assembled & Set up guide included


  • Heating tape & pipe insulation included with the package
  • No battery required to operate the heating cable
  • Less item weight and multiple sizes available
  • Prevent roof damage and leaking
  • Covered with manufacturer warranty support
  • Easy to set up; required accessories included


  • Not suitable for heavy duty commercial use

3.  Heat Tape Pro, Plug-In, Self-Regulating, Roof Heat Cable:

Heat tape pro is a heavy-duty commercial roof heating cable that helps to prevent long-lasting ice dams on roofs. This self-regulating roof heating cable has 120V plug-in ready feature to ensure efficient use. You just need to choose the right size cable as many different sizes available to pick. Depending on roof size, you need to select the correct size cable and set up the cable using the instruction file. This will secure your roof from accidental roof damage.

Heat Tape Pro, Plug-In, Self-Regulating, Roof Heat Cable comes with some unique feature that I will list together to assist you in finding the perfect roof heating cable for you. You must check the features and compare the features with other products to identify the perfect one for you. I will list some advantages of this roof heating cable as well to give you the general idea about the roof heating cable.

Features of Heat Tape Pro, Plug-In, Self-Regulating, Roof Heat Cable:

  • Self-regulating roof heating cable
  • Product Dimensions 9.9 x 8.2 x 2.6 inches
  • Product Weight 2 pounds
  • No battery required to operate
  • 48" of unheated cord used in the heater
  • 16-gauge heating wires used
  • 200% thicker than normal wires


  • This heating cable produce 9.6 watts per foot that can generate nearly 32 degrees heat on that area
  • You can set up the heating cable using the installation accessories included with the package
  • You can use this heating cable for pipe freezing protection as well
  • Perfect for using in metal roofs to prevent the ice dams
  • Covered with five years long manufacturer warranty support
  • 48 inches long Illuminated plug and 14-gauge unheated cord included ensuring better service.


  • You can’t cut the cable.         
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